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alert. .

big alert.

Parts of speech.

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full disposal.

be alert. . full of activity.

Synonyms for ALERTNESS: carefulness, caution, care, prudence, attentiveness, cautiousness, circumspection, wariness; Antonyms of ALERTNESS: carelessness,. .

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. high call.

. → high Examples from the Corpus high alert • Early in the war Soviet.

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high-alert > synonyms.

lively and noisy.

Similar meaning.

Synonyms for ALERT: warning, alarm, forewarning, caution, heads-up, advice, admonition, suggestion; Antonyms of ALERT: daze, distraction, abstraction, absorption, daydreaming, preoccupation, absentmindedness, obliviousness. high alert. How to use red alert in a sentence.

. . Oct 6, 2021 · Synonyms for 'High-alert status'. . .

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Synonyms for High drive.




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